Over £130 off an award winning holiday in Pembrokeshire.

You’ve never kayaked a better coastline – guaranteed.

This special invitation has gone out to just a few discerning clubs. I hope you’ll accept my invitation. And when you read on, you’ll see it’s one of those rare offers where you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, and lots to gain.

Why I wrote to you

If, like me, you’re someone who likes to travel to unusual places, enjoys getting away from the crowds and who appreciates the outdoors whether rain or shine and return to a nice warm place for an evening meal and a drink to talk about the day with good friends.

You know of course that paying a kayaking guide or coach in the UK is pretty pricey and that’s if you can find one at all. Then there’s the hassle of transporting or sourcing enough kayaks for your group, all in different sizes to fit the individuals; finding somewhere that can accommodate everybody, is close to the pub and can dry your kit overnight. Having been a paddler for 30 years in various clubs, I know how difficult it can be to bring everything together to ensure that everyone has a great time; and we now have clubs from across Europe join us for long weekends every year.

Rock hopping in Pembrokeshire

Fantastic Pembrokeshire Rock Hopping

I wrote to invite your club to come and enjoy the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park with us, Britain’s only coastal national park and an area that was voted 2nd best coastal destination in the world by both National Geographic and Lonely Planet readers. Other places simply do not have the scenery, the tides, the wildlife or the rugged coastline for rock-hopping that Pembrokeshire does. With famous tide races such as the Bitches, Atlantic swells travelling from as far away as the Caribbean, offshore islands and the Gulf Stream to warm the waters, Pembrokeshire really is a kayaking mecca. I want you to come and experience Pembrokeshire for yourself and I’m prepared to do what I have to, to convince you that it will be the kayaking trip of your life.

Great News – your tour will include lots of free photos for you to keep, you will be free to use on your website or blog

Our Guarantee

When I tell people that I guarantee each and every one of our trips, I often hear, “How on earth do you make any money? You can’t predict what the weather will do 6 months ahead and your customers can’t return their kayaking experience.”

Well, they’re right, but that doesn’t affect our Guarantee.

Pretty much every guarantee you’ve ever seen includes the word “return”. You have to return the goods, or whatever, in order to get your money back. Not ours! If for any reason you are not happy with your experience, we’ll happily take you out again or refund the value.

So book yours today. Your tour will be in an amazing area of the Pembrokeshire Coast, include pictures that you can look back on for years and show to your friends and family when you get together in the summer for bar-b-q’s or special occasions (you’ll be talking about it for weeks). I’ll include a FREE copy of our “9 essential questions you NEED to ask your sea kayaking guide”. It’s loaded with lots of things you should look out for before getting on the water with anyone.

When you book, you’ll have our promise…


I think your club deserves this wonderful treat. I hope I’ve proven, by sending you this special invitation, that we at Mayberry Kayaking believe you should have the same fantastic tours that my guests from Europe enjoy.

Do you agree that your club should visit Pembrokeshire, especially since you can have this great value tour at a fraction of the price? Do you agree that you should give me the opportunity to prove my point – that you deserve the best, and this is it? Do you agree that you can’t lose, since your club has to paddle somewhere, so it might as well be here – and that I’m taking all the risk?

I hope you do. I want you to experience sea kayaking in Pembrokeshire and test my guarantee.
In fact I’m glad I’ll be there to see the look on your face when you first see the Witches Cauldron, Needle Rock, Cathedral Cave, The Blue Lagoon and the colour of the Emerald waters. You’ll know in an instant that you’ll want to come back again.

Emerald Water Image

Emerald Waters in The Witches Cauldron

Plus when you take me up on my invitation-only offer it will give your club the chance to try another discipline of kayaking. As you know “cross discipline” is the current buzz word as it brings benefits to your other paddle sport activities. Sea kayaking particularly improves your balance, your boat awareness and your forward paddling as well as strengthening your core.

Our group package includes 3 days sea kayaking, shuttles to and from the start and finish points, sea kayaks, paddles and all other equipment for up to 12 people. Your personal equipment from other disciplines is perfectly suitable for sea kayaking and you are more than welcome to use that instead; I know how attached people are to their own kit. This package would normally cost £321 per person. I’ve sent your club a special offer code which means you pay a low price of just £231, a saving of over 28%. (£90)

At such a rock bottom price, it provides you with amazing value, so you simply can’t afford not to take advantage of this incredible buy. Plus you’ll be upgraded to our GoPro package (worth £47 per person); a GoPro camera will be mounted to the front of your kayak and set to take a picture every 30 seconds and tied together to from a video of you. You can even take all the hassle out of finding accommodation by adding one of accommodation packages at the time of booking.

Who are Mayberry Kayaking

Smalls Lighthouse Image

Mike Mayberry at the Smalls Lighthouse

Back in 2006, Mayberry Kayaking was formed to provide the best sea kayaking tours available in the UK.  Soon word got around about the outstanding beauty, the emerald waters and the quality of Mike’s coaching and guiding. Before long Mike Mayberry had taught the British Army at a base in Cyprus and led people across the Irish Sea (the 5th fastest team on record), the second ever trip to the Smalls Lighthouse by kayakers and Circumnavigated Wales, some of them with only six months paddling experience.

Naturally, paddlers began asking for us by name. The press got interested and in 2011 we were voted “specialist holiday of the year” by the Surrey, Hampshire and South London Express, in 2013 our journey to the Smalls was published in Canoe Focus and we were nominated for best customer service at the National Entrepreneur Awards. We are the organisers of the popular West Wales Sea Kayak Meet and are lead guides at the National Trust Stackpole event, at the Anglesey Essential Festival and the Uk Storm Gatherings.

What Can You Expect?

First of all the Pembrokeshire Coast is an amazing coastline. Designated a national park in 1952, due to the geology, it has remained largely undeveloped since then. Towering cliffs, littered with caves and rock outcrops, they are full of rare nesting birds and inquisitive Atlantic Grey seals. But the real proof is in the paddling. If you’re a paddler you’ll enjoy the rich playground of the coastline with Atlantic swells and fast tides.

These swells have travelled for up 3000 miles to reach you, pushing through narrow gaps and over shallow reefs. The tides are squeezed between the mainland and offshore islands and they rush around great headlands. Most guides and coaches are too busy focusing on practical elements of sea kayaking for you to enjoy the natural beauty around you. That’s why our tours will amaze you.

Pembrokeshire has coastline that faces 3 different directions which means it’s always possible to hide from the weather if needs be. The north coast is protected from a southerly wind and big south westerly swell while the South coast provides shelter from the northerlies. 186 miles of coastline to explore, each area with a unique geology and different features to explore, something you’ll crave once you’ve experienced it.

Tours for our customers are chosen to meet your ability and wishes with the same care you’d give to a priceless treasure. (That’s what they are to us, because our reputation is only as good as our next tour.)

I’m counting on you experiencing one of the greatest kayaking journeys of your lifetime (and the lifetime of your club as well).

You’ll never have a better opportunity.

Act now and enjoy;

  • 3 days sea kayaking
  • Shuttles whilst in Pembrokeshire
  • Our 9 Essential Questions Guide
  • FREE Photos
  • Our GoPro package
Take up your special offer now – just use your personal offer code.

But hurry – Book by 17th March 2014. Don’t wait and risk missing out. We guarantee your satisfaction. What can you lose?

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