2 Reasons why you’ll want to see seals!

1. Young seals are playful!

2. Bull seals think sea kayaks are potential mates!

Many of the remote Pembrokeshire beaches are full of seals durine the Autumn when they give birth to their pups and lots of people come to walk the Pemborkeshire Coast Path in the hope that they will spot them.

However most people return home dissapointed having not seen any seals.

WHY? Many of the beaches seals will use are tucked in beneath the cliffs and it’s just not possible to peer over far enough; afterall, the seals want somewhere sheltered to give their pups the best chance of surviving an Autumn storm.

In order to see seals you need a way to visit them at their level and let them come to you on their terms.

Go with a qualified guide who knows exactly where to find them and there’s a very good chance that you’ll not only see seals but their lovely white furred pups too.

Once a seal cow has successfully pupped on a beach she will return to the same beach each year to have her next pups and having paddled the Pembrokeshire Coast for over 20 years here at Mayberry Kayaking we know exactly where to go and find them. We are so confident that you will see seals during September and October that we give you this guarantee;

If you don’t see seal pups on a tour with us during September or October then we will refund your money!

What’s more, we’re going to offer you an amazing end of season discount. Instead of £67 per adult these tours are priced at the children’s price; that’s right it’s only £47 for every person on an September or October tour, regardless of age! But hurry, you must enquire before 29th August.

In addition, we will give you access to all photos and videos that we take during your tour so you’ll always be able to remember your time with the seals.

Places on our tours are limited to keep you safe so fill in the form below and let us know you’re interested in coming to see seals. Alternatively call us on 01348 874699 before 29th August.

With our money back guarantee you have nothing to lose!