Learn Sea Kayaking From Scratch or Progress the Skills You Already Have, From the Only Sea Kayaker to Have Paddled Every Part of Pembrokeshire and Across the Irish Sea Twice

Pembrokeshire has everything that a sea kayaker loves and needs to improve their paddling skills and Mayberry Kayaking run a variety of courses to suit you, wherever you happen to be in your development.  As the only coach in the UK to have paddled to every part of Pembrokeshire and across the Irish Sea twice, Mike is able to help you learn the skills you need and choose the best location for you to practice them.

Whether you’re taking to the water for the first time or you are already a seasoned paddler. These sea kayak courses will also stand you in good stead if you later decide that you’d like to try another form of paddlesport.  With everything from sheltered harbours to the infamous tide races of the Bitches, exposed headlands and offshore islands, Pembrokeshire is a world class sea kayaking destination and a great place to learn and progress your sea kayak skills.