Do you work hard Monday to Friday?  Does your family spend as much time together as you’d like? Do your kids spend too much time on the games console whereas you grew up playing outdoors in the fresh air?
Then you need to come and discover natures theme park!

When you get together as a family you want that time to be special, to be memorable and perhaps a little challenging but it’s difficult to find someone that you can trust to look after you and your children.

Here at Mayberry Kayaking, we provide an active and fun family day out for you and your family in an unspoiled, beautiful part of the UK; the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.  Our years of experience will keep you safe in what can be a harsh environment and with the double sea kayaks you will be safe in the knowledge that your little ones are right in front of you and not being taken anywhere that you are not comfortable with.

We also know that you don’t want to fall in and so we won’t make you.  The double sea kayaks are nice and wide, which means they are really stable and less likely to capsize.  In fact, it is so unlikely that, if you do capsize, I’ll give you your money back! I’ll say that again…

If you accidentally capsize in a double sea kayak I’ll give you your money back

Join one of our guides who’s job it is to look after you and ensure you see lots of wildlife like curious seals on secluded beaches and birds of prey hovering above the towering cliffs; you’ll discover hidden caves, some that go all of the way through and you’ll have lots of time to explore the many rocky outcrops of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, riding small waves through narrow gaps.

You’ll be able to go and see some amazing places such as;

  • Needle Rock
  • The Witches Cauldron
  • Suicide Cave
  • Cathedral Cave
  • Dinas Head
  • The Guilletine

Family days out are available every Saturday and Sunday from 1st May to 31st October as well as daily throughout school holidays.

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