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Do you find yourself looking after other sea kayakers on the sea?
Are you looking for a formal qualification for leading on the sea?

Then you need to do your four sea training.

Join us on the 24th to 28th April 2017 and you will be able to learn the personal and leadership skills required to lead groups of paddlers on short journeys in a moderate tidal water environment.

This course includes the coastal navigation and planning course which is a pre-requisite before your four star assessment.

In addition, on the 29th April and 30th April we have a four star assessment running which you can attend and be guided. This is invaluable for helping you see where you need to get to in terms of passing your assessment later on.

We’re going to give you;

  • 5 Days Training                                                                   £535    £420
  • Coastal Navigation and Planning Course                       £107      £77
  • Optional 2 Days being guided                                          £214     £0

Total                                                                                              £856     £497

That’s a saving of £359!

Get your four star sea training at a great discounted price!

Book before 31st March and save a further £50

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