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Kayaking is a pleasurable, rewarding, healthy and safe past time. BUT, like all sports it has dangers and when you go onto open water, especially the sea, you risk getting into serious trouble very quickly if you haven’t taken a basic training course.

You visited the shop with an idea that you wanted to take up sea kayaking; an idea that you’d paddle on your local water. So you went in to buy a kayak and a paddle with dreams of paddling off into the sunset or picnics in hard to reach places.

I bet you hadn’t realised how much other stuff you’d also need? A buoyancy aid, a waterproof top (maybe you went all in for a drysuit straight away?), possibly a spraydeck too depending on the kayak you decided on. Then there’s the safety kit, a radio; flares, a tow line, a first aid kit, a map case, a knife, a pump and probably a waterproof bag to keep it all in.

What did you spend, £1000? £1500 £3500? Perhaps there are two of you so those numbers are doubled?

It’s ok, you don’t have to tell me, that secret is between you and the bank.

But how much have you invested in learning how to use your new equipment safely?

It’s my bet that this answer is zero, nothing, nowt.

You’re not alone; it’s the case for most people who decide they want to start kayaking.

And for many of them, that’s fine. They go on to enjoy kayaking; once or twice per year, maybe more if they live on the banks of an estuary. They would go more, but sitting up makes their back ache; or their arms aches after 10 minutes of kayaking. They thought it would get easier the more they kayaked. But it didn’t and now they hardly use them.

For others, the lack of knowledge about the dangers, training in how to paddle safely or in using their shiny new equipment correctly leads to a ‘near miss’. Sometimes this near miss is enough to make them think they ought to spend a little more on some training with a coach who can help them with the skills they need.

Sometimes it’s not.

Sometimes it’s enough to put them off ever getting in a kayak again and they post their new equipment for sale on sites like Gumtree, eBay or Facebook, usually at less than half what they paid for it.

Sometimes they don’t get the opportunity to have another go.

It is because we worry about people, like you, who visit a shop, buy kayaking equipment to get themselves started and then get into trouble that we run discounted beginner courses for you.

Let us show you how to choose safe destinations to sea kayak. Show you how the tides work and how to interpret the weather forecasts beyond “is it going to be sunny?”

And show you how to paddle efficiently so that your arms won’t ache, how to fit out your kayak so that you can control it efectively and most importantly how you can reduce your chances of things going wrong for you in your kayak.

Some people pay as much as £297 per day for one to one coaching with us in Pembrokeshire but I’m not going to charge you that.

It won’t even cost you £227 which is the usual price for a two day course in a group with others.

£197 would be perfectly reasonable for a course that will give you the skills to safely embark on your new voyages with your kayak; but I’m even going to beat that price for you.

As you have recently bought all of your equipment and we are on a mission to help people stay safe at sea in a kayak you can get your first two day beginner course for just £177!

That’s right, £50 off!

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£177 is far less than you’ll lose if you have to sell all your new kit on fleabay.