Perhaps someone you know is getting married soon or maybe it’s your one weekend off from the family each year that you spend with friends. Whether male or female, we all need to get away with our friends sometimes and there’s no better way to have an adventure together than sea kayaking in Pembrokeshire.

For some, a nervous excitement builds in your stomach as you float off into unknown waters; around that corner and along the coast to see what you can find. Whilst others are more ‘gung ho’ and seem to have no fear; they will ride the waves through the rocky gulleys barely wide enough to fit through and almost miss the turn before they colide into the rock in front.

But all are impressed with the unique beauty of the Pembrokeshire Coast; the geology exposed by the waves that batter the cliffs and the wildlife that choose to live here. Our guides will make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Why not come and spend a day building memories with your friends? You will be able to see some amazing places such as;

  • Needle Rock
    The Witch’s Cauldron
    Suicide Cave
    Catherdral Cave
    Dinas Head
    The Guillotine

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