Are you someone who likes to travel to unusual places?
Someone who enjoys getting away from the crowds and who appreciates the outdoors whether rain or shine?

And return to a nice warm place for an evening meal and a drink to talk about the day with good friends?

You know of course that paying a kayaking guide or coach in the UK is pretty pricey and that’s if you can find one at all. Then there’s the hassle of transporting or sourcing enough kayaks for your group, all in different sizes to fit the individuals; finding somewhere that can accommodate everybody, is close to the pub and can dry your kit overnight. Having been a paddler for 30 years in various clubs, I know how difficult it can be to bring everything together to ensure that everyone has a great time; and we now have clubs from across Europe join us for long weekends every year.

Come and enjoy the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park with us, Britain’s only coastal national park and an area that was voted 2nd best coastal destination in the world by both National Geographic and Lonely Planet readers. Other places simply do not have the scenery, the tides, the wildlife or the rugged coastline for rock-hopping that Pembrokeshire does. With famous tide races such as the Bitches, Atlantic swells travelling from as far away as the Caribbean, offshore islands and the Gulf Stream to warm the waters, Pembrokeshire really is a kayaking mecca.

Our Guarantee

When I tell people that I guarantee each and every one of our trips, I often hear, “How on earth do you make any money? You can’t predict what the weather will do 6 months ahead and your customers can’t return their kayaking experience.”

Well, they’re right, but that doesn’t affect our Guarantee.

Pretty much every guarantee you’ve ever seen includes the word “return”. You have to return the goods, or whatever, in order to get your money back. Not ours! If for any reason you are not happy with your experience, we’ll happily take you out again or refund the value.

When you book, you’ll have our promise…


Do you agree that your club should visit PembrokeshireDo you agree that you should give me the opportunity to prove my point – that you deserve the best, and this is it? Do you agree that you can’t lose, since your club has to paddle somewhere, so it might as well be here – and that I’m taking all the risk?

I hope you do. I want you to experience sea kayaking in Pembrokeshire and test my guarantee.

In fact I’m glad I’ll be there to see the look on your face when you first see the Witches Cauldron, Needle Rock, Cathedral Cave, The Blue Lagoon and the colour of the Emerald waters. You’ll know in an instant that you’ll want to come back again.

Plus it will give your club the chance to try another discipline of kayaking. As you know “cross discipline” is the current buzz word as it brings benefits to your other paddle sport activities. Sea kayaking particularly improves your balance, your boat awareness and your forward paddling as well as strengthening your core.

Our club package includes;

  • 3 days sea kayaking
  • shuttles to and from the start and finish points
  • sea kayaks, paddles and all other equipment
  • up to 12 people

Your personal equipment from other disciplines is perfectly suitable for sea kayaking and you are more than welcome to use that instead; I know how attached people are to their own kit.

If you booked these as separate days, this package would cost £321 per person but you can get it for the low price of £231, a saving of £90 (over 28%).

You can even take all the hassle out of finding accommodation by adding one of accommodation packages at the time of booking.

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