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Rough water and Rockhopping

Your roll may not quite be 100% yet but that doesn’t matter, you’re ready to take your paddling to the next level and get into places that many others can’t.

You’ll be wanting to learn how to cope with waves, using them to surf down wind in order to save you both time and energy, whilst enjoying the feeling that accelerating down the face can give you. You’ll also learn how to use those same waves to make your sea kayak more manoeuvrable despite the conditions.

You’ll also be wanting to play in amongst the rocks, using small swell to push you through narrow gaps and lift you over shallow reefs, all in complete control. Rock-hopping is one of the best core workouts there is.

On 25th and 26th October, our rough water and rockhopping weekend will cover the skills you need to have lots of fun on the sea.

Incident Management

You can carry out sea kayak rescues and you can use your tow rope to help a tired paddler, but can you do these things when it really matters?

Things usually happen to you and your friends when you’re outside your comfort zone; not when you are in the safety confines of a sheltered harbour and you need to know that you can still work together as a team to make the right decisions and ensure that any mishaps at sea don’t escalate and become worse.

Mayberry Kayaking run three different Incident Management courses depending on your current paddling level.

1st and 2nd November – Introduction to Incident Management. Apply your flat water rescues in some real scenarios that have and do happen to people at sea.

29th and 30th November – Incident Management in some conditions that will be sure to challenge you and your friends. You will need to be able to roll for this course.

7th February – The 6 degree water temperature will initially take your breath away when you fall in but to carry out a rescue at this time of year ensures that you can do it any time. It’s also a great way to speed up the time it takes to get the job done.

Introduction to Rock hopping and Journeying

You have the skills to move your sea kayak around, steer it and generally make it go where you want it to and now your ready to take it into the rocky outcrops that litter the Pembrokeshire Coast.

This weekend on 6th and 7th December will help you to explore the rugged coastline and help you to make use of the small waves amongst the rocks to help you move your kayak around and take the hard work out of it.

You’ll also be going a journey, looking at how to stay safe as a team and how to plan for the tides and weather.

On the water Navigation, including night Nav

Two fantastic sea kayak journeys in the award winning Pembrokeshire Coast National Park with plenty of opportunity for you to practice and refine your navigation skills.

With the dark evenings of the winter it is easy to be arriving in the twilight hours and this brings it own challenges. You’ll be needing the skills to navigate your way home from a sea trip in fading light and this course will help on your way. 22nd and 23rd November.

Introduction to Moving Water and Tide Races

To navigate your way through the many tide races around our coastline, you will need to understand how the tides work in areas that seem to defy the usual rules. You’ll need skills like breaking in and out of the flow, you’ll need to be able to ferry glide and surf waves that form over reefs.

On 15th and 16th November you can learn all of these skills and more, enabling you to explore more of our coastline in the future.

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