I really enjoyed my trip on Aug. 6th very much, even though I had to be towed to the beach because unfortunately  I felt sea sick. Everybody was so kind and helpful! It all was a great experience and I would do it again.

The past holidays in Sweden and Poland we spent kajaking on lakes and I enjoyed that a great deal despite the fact that I am thoroughly useless at it. I love being on and in the water.

Von meinem iPad gesendet

Beatrice Obrist

We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience of kayaking with your company and I hope that the kids and I can join you again next year.
They live away and I will not see them again until February and again in Summer 2014 so I will not be in a position to take advantage of your kind discount offer.

They live their lives mostly indoors and attached to gaming machines so when I see them, I try my best to get them out of the house and to see a bit of fun and adventure- we certainly got that with you!

In the two weeks that they were down, the kayaking was voted top experience along with Indoor surfing at the Cardiff White Water Centre.

The booking was handled very nicely by your wife who explained  everything I needed to know and the guide was good fun and took some great pictures.

Thank you all again.
Jeff Kedwood

The big reason for the purchase, was to do something that we had never done before, and now we could through your company.

The big difference in our life is we did something that we had been wanting to do for years, and you made it possible, not far from our homes, in Wales.

I think you probably know that most people get an adrenalin rush from doing something that is a touch on the dangerous side but without being beyond the point of attainable for most people,although it was tough at times, and a little scary but great fun.

Eddie and Lyndon.


Mara and I have a little cottage just up from Cwm-yr-eglwys and really fancied getting out on the water. We don’t want to sail and don’t want to use anything using petrol. Kayaking seemed the ideal way to explore the shore and experience bore this out. We were thrilled with the day on the water but it has made us realise that to do it safely requires instruction, the right kit and experience. We have every intention of signing up for a beginners course with you in the Spring. We recommended you to our son who went on a trip on Friday last – he loved it too! The purchasing process was efficient and well structured. All in all a great experience that has made us want to develop some skill in kayaking so that we can enjoy the splendours of Pembrokeshire’s beautiful coastline and wildlife at close quarters.
Good luck for the future,
Mike & Mara

“We just wanted to say thank you for your excellent photos of our sea kayaking adventure below, forwarded to us by Tim Martin, and for a great morning’s kayaking on our holiday in Pembrokeshire last week.

All 3 of us had a fantastic time kayaking with you; we felt very safe at all times, and the commentary you gave throughout the kayaking really made the trip special and informative.  I had quite bad nerves before embarking on this adventure, having never kayaked before either on inland waters or on the sea, but I would absolutely recommend your excursion to anyone, beginner or otherwise.  Entering the caves and exploring the coves and beaches inaccessible from the land was really special, as was kayaking right through Needle Rock, and weaving in and out of the cliffs and rocks!!
Another huge plus for me (as the photographer of the family!) was that I didn’t need to bring my camera – as you were taking these great photos, we could all concentrate on the kayaking and simply enjoy the trip, knowing that you were providing a great memento of the day with your pictures.We will not hesitate to recommend you to to others and will definitely book with you again – see you next year!” – Sarah, Neil and Finlay

I chose Pembrokeshire Classics was that I wanted a sea kayaking holiday that would push my personal paddling ability whilst exploring Pembrokeshire (had only been once before and thought it was beautiful). Was definitely hoping to see puffins and seals on our trip and was not disappointed!  The trip itself was fantastic – wonderful paddling in a variety of sea states, close up encounters with seals and puffins, lots of sea caves and rocks to explore, testing out my skills of staying upright on a few tide races and different weather conditions to contend with.  Thankfully the weather was kind and we were able to get out on the sea every day where we wanted to go.  You were an excellent trip leader – very relaxed and competent, encouraging me to improve my trip planning and navigation skills was really helpful also.

Paying for the trip was easy (via a phone call).  The biggest difference your tour has made in my life is wonderful memories and photos – have always had a fascination with puffins and now I have seen lots of them J.  I also have a determination to spend more time on the sea to continue to improve my skills especially my timing when surfing over rocks!
I would recommend your company to anyone thinking of paddling in Pembrokeshire.  You had a good balance of letting people do their own thing at times when exploring whilst keeping an eye on everyone and being sociable.  You were always willing to change plans to fit in with what people wanted and your commitment to the holiday was much appreciated.  Thank you for an unforgettable week J.
Kate Wiltshier”

“I love Pembrokeshire and this is a great way for me to get on the water. Mike makes the whole experience fantastic.  I had no problems at all with the purchasing process.  I want to spend more time in Pembrokeshire paddling, the wildlife you see is better than anywhere else I have paddled.

Neil Jellings”

“Hi Mike

I would like to say it was a great experience paddling the coast with you.

The reason for using your services was the web site gave me full information on the availability of your services.

Also after sending my predicament with being a wheelchair user you phoned me and asked what my requirements were (which u catered for), plus you took the details for payment there and then which was great.  (As you know I was about to get on the water at the time).

The biggest difference to my life is knowing that I have full kayaking access to the area through you and knowing I would be in safe hands.

I was very pleased with the way you handled the transport for the return trip and the buying of refreshments afterwards.

Should I find myself in your neck of the woods again I would certainly us your services again and have recommended you to quite a few of my paddling friends.

Best regards Bob Martin”

Dear Mike,

The two guests that I sent with Taran had a dreamy morning on the water. 14 year old Sam and his father met us for a picnic on the beach at the end of their morning and the excitedly told us about all the birds they had seen, the caves they had explored and the excitement of seeing a seal. All in all a brilliant experience that they will never forget. They will be signing up for a repeat trip next year I imagine!

Please pass on my grateful thanks to Taran who was key to the great morning they had together.

With thanks again


“Hi Mike/Shelley

I’d be grateful if you’d pass on my thanks and appreciation to Taryn for an excellent and enjoyable day’s instruction yesterday. He proved to be patient, knowledgeable and confidence building and, as a bonus, a thoroughly nice guy and great company. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Thanks and best regards

Mike Newman”

“I’d only booked the cottage we stayed in a week before departing and the search for kayaking revealed your publicity hence another hasty booking. Nothing disappointed us, the cottage, the town, the surroundings and the weather were all perfect and the kayaking was the icing on the cake.

Taran was delightful – not a thunderous personality as his name states. He was very helpful with our 8 year old grandson – Josh – who had never been kayaking before. Then on the Tuesday he was equally pleasant with our son, who’s not been enjoying good health these last couple of years, and Josh on the sea kayaking trip. I too enjoyed some time on the sea myself when we hired the single kayak for the day. In all it was a most accessible activity, especially with Lower Town harbour being so handy. If time and opportunity allow we’ll return to that spot in the future and definitely use your services again if that occurs.” – Jean Fawcett