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Don’t hang up your paddle this winter

A full programme of winter sea kayaking courses in Pembrokeshire mean that you don’t need to hang up you paddles. Just like the summer sea kayaking courses we run, these are always popular. As long you have your drysuit then there’s no need to stop paddling throughout the year.

All our winter courses finish in front of the fire in a nice warm pub with a pint or a cup of coffee, so there really is no excuse for not joining us!

This winter Mike Mayberry is running weekends for;

  • Rough water and Rock hopping
  • Incident Management (at different levels)
  • Intorduction to rock hopping and journeying
  • Navigation on the water, including night navigation and tidal planning
  • Introduction to Moving water and tideraces

I’ve done several courses with Mike. The first was incident management, a good way to ensure you are prepared for the worst if it should ever happen… Both of the others were rough water / tide race days. Why? The answers easy – the Bitches! An opportunity to play and explore skills in one of the world’s most famous tide races. And to develop the needed rescue techniques for future visits (need more of that next time Mike!). Just make sure you are prepared to get wet!! Brilliant fun! – Tavi Murray

When Mayberry kayaking’s Incident Management and Rescue course, on 15/12/12 coincided with time off work i booked it straight away. I was also being joined on this course by a friend who had been kayaking, both on rivers and sea, for over 30 years. He was later to tell me its the best course he’s ever been on.

The Incident Managment and Rescue course was a real eye opener, with rescue and incident scenarios that take you just a little out of your comfort zone and really get you thinking in a ‘real life’ situation. After each scenario and quick de-brief of what went right and, more importantly, went could have gone better, leave you with a real sense that you would be a valuable member of a team if the worst should happen. – Kevin Brazel

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