Kayak Among Towering Cliffs and Beautiful Wildlife

Pembrokeshire has some of the most breathtaking coastline, carved from the shores of west Wales, littered with beautiful Seals, Puffins and caves to explore.

Mike Mayberry, Kayak coach with over 26 years
experience and his team of experienced Kayak tutors give you a holiday with a very special difference.

One of the Best Coastal Destinations on Earth

Thanks to its scenery, Atlantic swells, wildlife and offshore islands, Pembrokeshire was voted 2nd best coastal
destination in the world by National Geographic and Lonely Planet readers.

Admiring all of this from land is one thing, but kayaking among it is the only way to really experience what all the fuss is about first-hand.

From the gentle, peace and tranquillity of quiet days when the only noise is the water gently splashing from your paddle, to the rush and excitement of kayaking through gaps in the rocks, in the ferocious tide races and on the surf beaches, Mayberry Kayaking have decades of experience to ensure you and your family are safe at all times and in the best possible hands.

Here’s why so many people choose Mayberry Kayaking:

Learn how to sea-kayak from a friendly and experienced instructor, with the utmost safety and guidance

Be among the amazing Pembrokeshire coast and its wildlife, rugged cliffs, tides and unforgettable scenery.

Kayak Courses, Kayak tours of the Pembrokeshire coast and Kayaking holidays can all be catered for.

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