“They say that if you have been sea kayaking in Pembrokeshire there is a 90% certainty you will have used the services of Mayberry Kayaking”

But who are they?

Pepper may only be 9 years old but that hasn’t stopped her progressing to the CEO’s position in the company. Having been around the company all of her life, her contribution was finally noticed five years ago when people started to realise that all of the good ideas came from her. Pepper has a whole page story of her “growing up” here.

Mike was the founder of Mayberry Kayaking back in 2005. Having coached kayaking for seventeen years as a volunteer with the Sea Cadet Corps and in local clubs, he decided would turn his passion into his living. Having grown a great team, Mike now focuses on walking Pepper so she gets the inspiration needed for those good ideas. He is also the Mayor of Fishguard of Goodwick for the year 2016/17.

Shelley is Mike’s long suffering wife; always tying up his lose ends behind him to make sure that events such as the West Wales Sea Kayak Meet and the Pembrokeshire Sea Kayak Festival succeed. It is Shelley who is likely to reply to your texts or answer the office phone when things are busy.

Ian is the head coach and guide at Mayberry Kayaking. A highly competent paddler, his “sensitive and good humoured leadership is un-macho and encouraging” (Penny really said this after her course with Ian), putting you at ease whether you just want to “go for a paddle” or improve your skills along the way.

Don’t be discouraged by Amy’s small size; she’s only 5 foot tall but very capable in a sea kayak. Her enthusiasm is contagious and everyone she guides has a great time on the water. Amy also helps out with some of the office tasks such as answering your questions via email and social media.

Married for ten years, Ian and Amy are often taking selfies of themselves during their working day with you; you may find one or two of them in with your albums on Facebook.

Theo is with us for the 2016 summer holidays. At 6 foot tall and size 10 feet it was a struggle to find him a kayak to fit but now we have you’ll see Theo helping Amy and Ian out during the school holidays. His plans for the future include going to university to study surgical engineering!

And last but not least, Kiki the cat. Kiki is a year older than Pepper and moved out when Pepper was a puppy. Fed up with the constant pestering she moved in with an older gentlemen who had recently lost his wife. She stayed with him for 7 years until his dementia meant he had to go into a home and Kiki decided she would move back in with Mike and Shelley. She doesn’t do much to help with the business but you can guarantee that whatever you are looking for in the office, Kiki will be lying on it.