Setting Footrests

Another weekend meant another sea kayaking course in Pembrokeshire; this week it was a progressive course for Clare, David, Mervin (aka Father Christmas) and Graham.  After breakfast in the Beaches Diner I had a good idea of where everyone was at and what they were hoping to gain from the weekend.  Pwll Gwaelod was chosen as the ideal place to launch from and we were soon on the water warming up.

Through the Rocks

A route through the rocks in the calm conditions gave an idea of the groups steering skills; an area which all had said they’d like to improve.

In this clip David is discovering whether his sea kayak turns better on the inside or the outside edge.

Is it the same if you’re going backwards?


A game of chicken was an entertaining way for the group to practice steering their sea kayaks.

Progressive Sea Kayaking

And then it was time to start a short journey around Dinas Head.  This provided ample opportunity to practice the steering again through the many rocky channels.


After lunch it was back on the water to look at forward paddling on the journey back.

Dinas Head Tide Race

The wind had gone NW as forecast and the wind against tide effects caused a few problems for the group; something to work on then!

Exploring Caves

Sea Kayaking in PembrokeshireWe had to make some time to explore some of the great caves of Dinas Head seeing as the tide was dropping and they would be at their best.

Sunny Skies

Once back in Pwll Gwaelod it seemed a real shame to be getting of the water as the sunshine had joined us, making the day very pleasant.

The second day I decided an Aberieddy start would be the best place to meet the days objectives.  We paddled around into the Blue Lagoon to explore our balancing and bracing.

We also met the request of one of the  group to learn how to get out onto rocky terrain.

Sea Kayak from the Blue Lagoon

And then it was time to see if my work would help them cope better with the small swell than they did on day one.

Choppy Waters

As we headed up to Porthgain the group certainly had more control over their sea kayaks than previously; my coaching had worked.

Sea Kayaking to Porthgain

It wasn’t long before the marker for Porthgain Harbour came into view.

Entering Porthgain Harbour

As we entered the harbour at Porthgain the sun disappeared behind the clouds.  It was enough to remind us that it isn’t quite spring yet and we sought somewhere sheltered from the gentle breeze for lunch.

All in a line

Perhaps it was my mention of the tide race off Pen Clegyr, the group were perfectly together as they left Porthgain on their sea kayaking journey back to Aberieddy.

The wind was against the tide and all came through the race without incident.

Narrow Channel

We chose the wider channels to paddle through, not quite confident enough for the narrower ones just yet, although Mervin did follow me through this next one…

Beautiful Sea Kayaking View

There are some views in Pembrokeshire that are better than this, but not many.

Rocky Channel

Once again we found time to play through the rocks and explore the caves along the stunning Pembrokeshire Coast.

Sea Kayaking through Pembrokeshire ArchesThese arches are particularly impressive.

Sea kayaking in Pembrokeshire

By now the sea state had calmed down, exactly as foerecast.

Aberieddy Beach, Pemborkeshire

And we were soon back to Aberidedy.  The beach looks so much nicer now that nature has claimed it back following the removal of the sea defence last summer.

Small Surf Landing

The small waves landing on the beach causing the group no problems at all, it must have been all of that good coaching they’d received throughout the weekend, eh?

If you missed this course then check out our next progressive sea kayaking course in April.  Thanks for coming along Mervin, Graham, Clare and David.  All of the photos from this weekend are on our facebook page.  I hope to see all again soon; please feel free to make any comments in the box below, I love feedback!