Housemartin’s nesting on Pembrokeshire Cliffs

A common sight in early summer, Housemartins are sometimes regarded by home owners as a pest.

According to the RSPB Housemartins nested on cliffs until the early 1900′s when they started to nest under the eaves of peoples homes.

In Pembrokeshire there are still a few places where these delightful birds still nest on cliffs. Probably a good job as some research suggests that numbers are down by 20% due to some homeowners regarding them as pests leaving droppings in their gardens.

If all of this nesting on cliffs sounds unbelievable to you then have a look at this short video filmed just yesterday that clearly shows Housemartins catching insects and nesting on a Pembrokeshire cliff. Clearly the best way to see these Housemartins in their original and natural environment is from a sea kayak on a tour with Mayberry Kayaking.