Imagine a place where thousands of Puffins fill the sky, a place where you observe them float by and a place where you can walk among them.

Every spring around 20 000 puffins arrive in Pembrokeshire to raise their young.

They live out at sea all year long and only come into land to breed.

These comical little birds are affectionately known as 'Pembrokeshire Parrots' and Skomer Island is one of the best places to go and see them.

It's so good in fact that if you land on the island you can walk among them; they really are that tame and completely unafraid, even in the nesting season.

Join us this May for a trip to Skomer Island.

Use the code "Puffins" to get £10 off per person and we'll pay the landing fees on the day.

Only £97 and we'll pay the Wildlife Trust landings fee for you too!

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