We forgot to start the track when we left St Martins Haven to sea kayak around Skomer and Skokholm, doh!

Sea Kayaking to Skomer Image

Heading to Skomer Island it was a little overcast and calm seas.

Sea Kayaking to Skomer Image

After crossing Jack Sound we headed along the North side of Skomer Island.

Mike Thacker sea kayaking image

Neil Buckland Sea Kayaking Image

Garland Stone Image

We approached Garland Stone and it occurred to us to start the gps track.

Matt Gregory Sea Kayaking Image

Steve Bunston Sea Kayaking Image

Sea Kayaking to Skokholm Image

A quick bite to eat and then it was time to head off to Skokholm, an hour away South, on the last of the ebb tide.

Once there we had another short break and this little fella came to join us.  He took a particular liking to the bow of my sea kayak.

Skokholm Lighthouse Image

Skokholm Puffin Image

The Puffins were about but being very elusive, it is still early in the spring afterall.

Sea Kayaking back to the mainland

Soon we were making the ferryglide back to the mainland for lunch.

Sea Kayaking Beach Image

Lunchtime Sleep Image

Some people found time for a quick nap!

Sea Kayaking Rockhopping Image

Before we headed off again for some gentle rockhopping.

Sea Kayaking Skomer Image

Before ferrying back to Skomer again.

Sea kayaking skomer Image

And down through Little Sound.

Sea Kayaking Little Sound image

We headed for the harbour but couldn’t land as the seals were enjoying the sun like this one.

Sea Kayaking with Seals Image

And more Puffins!

Sea Kayaking with puffins Image

And then it was time to cross Jack sound again and head home.

Sea Kayaking Jack Sound Image