South Devon Sea Kayak Meet Day Two

Sea kayaks in South Devon Image
Kingswear Slipway


The following day it was to be Kingswear to Brixham for me. With 18 for the trip it was decided that Dave would take half and Katie, supported by me, would take the the other half.

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Dartmouth Estuary

Many of our group were friends and people I’d met before, it was great to catch up.

Sea kayaking South Devon Image
Waterfront Poperty

There were some amazing waterfront properties.

sea kayaking dartmouth estuary image
Dartmouth Estuary

It was a short ferryglide across the tide to see the seals around the Mew Stone.

Mew Stone South Devon Image
Mew Stone South Devon

Some rock hopping around Kelly’s Cove was next, there was very little swell allowing us to get through easily.

sea kayaking Kellys Cove South Devon IMage
Rock Exploring

After lunch it was around Sharkham Point and onto Durt Head to find the caves we’d been hearing about from a group that arrived early and paddled there on Friday.

Durt Head Caves South devon Image
Durt Head Cave

They didn’t disappoint…

Sea kayaking South Devon Image
Sea kayaking South Devon

This one was just over a boats width wide, high above your head and went back around 100m.

Sea kayaking south devon Image
Berry Head

Berry Head was expected to be the only challenge on this trip and it also didn’t let us down.

Sea kayaking in South Devon (4) Image
Berry Head

James once again impressed by the conditions in which I can take photos.

Ice-cream and coffee finished off the weekend superbly before the four hour drive back home.