The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon Image
The Blue Lagoon

A popular spot for coasteering and local teenagers, the Blue Lagoon is best accessed via a sea kayak around high tide. Yes, we’ve even been off the wall in kayaks!

As a slate quarry until the early part of the 20th Century the side was blasted out to allow the sea in. The water here is usually very still and reflects the Emerald Green colours that Pembrokeshire is known for. Rumoured to be around 80m deep there are only a few freedivers capable of reaching the bottom.

Behind the beach pieces of slate regularly fall in the summer as it heats up at different rates. It is possible to find fossilised creatures of an age long since forgotton in these slates, the most famous of which are Graptolites; small animals which lived 500 million years ago.

The round tower on Tryn-y-Castell is thought to be a 19 century navigation beacon and has no connection with the quarry.