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Lower Town (Fishguard) Flooding

Lower Town Car Park is Liable to Flooding Image

Liable to Flooding Sign

Almost every body who visits Mayberry Kayaking for a sea kayaking tour sees this sign and always asks us “Does it really flood?”, “How far up does the tide go?”.  I suppose it’s only natural, after all, there’s something about water that is very primal, it can both give life and take it away.

Road Closed Image

Road Closed

This morning was one of the biggest tides of 2014.  Combine that with the big area of low pressure sitting to the west of Ireland, we knew it was going be a big one.  The Celtic Wave Buoy (it’s in the middle of the Irish Sea) was reading 15 feet at 0600, reached 19 feet at 1000 and is expecting to reach 30+ feet by 1800 this evening.

How high is it?

How high is it?

With high water at Lower Fishguard expected to be 0821, I headed down to get some photos.  The residents had been up many hours before I arrived and said that the tide had reached the predicted height of 5.3m by 0630.  Many reported that this was the worst they’d ever seen.

Boat and Trailer Floating Image

Boat and Trailer Floating

This video shows the tide at it’s peak height and all of the photos show the tide from 0800 onwards.

Road Closed Image

The Road is Closed

Water Over Lower Town Quay Image

Water Over Lower Town Quay

The Geese didn't mind Image

The Geese didn’t mind

The Fire Brigade Image

The Fire Brigade

With large tides forecast for the weekend and and more severe weather arriving too, these photos won’t show the last of the floods for Lower Town this weekend.  There are some more photos of the floods in Lower Fishgaurd on our Facebook page.

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