You can carry out sea kayak rescues and you can use your tow rope to help a tired paddler, but can you do these things when it really matters?

Things usually happen to you and your friends when you’re outside your comfort zone; not when you are in the safety confines of a sheltered harbour and you need to know that you can still work together as a team to make the right decisions and ensure that any mishaps at sea don’t escalate and become worse.

Mayberry Kayaking run three different Incident Management courses depending on your current paddling level.

30th November to 1st December – Introduction to Incident Mangement. Apply your flat water rescues in some real scenarios that have and do happen to people at sea.

14th and 15th December – Incident Management in some conditions that will be sure to challenge you and your friends.  You will need to be able to roll for this course.

8th February – The 6 degree water temperature will initially take your breath away when you fall in but to carry out a rescue at this time of year ensures that you can do it any time.  It’s also a great way to speed up the time it takes to get the job done.

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What others have said…

“When Mayberry kayaking’s Incident Management and Rescue course, on 15/12/12 coincided with time off work i booked it straight away. I was also being joined on this course by a friend who had been kayaking, both on rivers and sea, for over 30 years. He was later to tell me its the best course he’s ever been on.
The Incident Managment and Rescue course was a real eye opener, with rescue and incident scenarios that take you just a little out of your comfort zone and really get you thinking in a ‘real life’ situation. After each scenario and quick de-brief of what went right and, more inportantly, went could have gone better, leave you with a real sense that you would be a valuable member of a team if the worst should happen.” – Kevin Brazel

“I took part on one of Mike Mayberry’s incident management courses. It was amongst the highlights of the year.  The course went through a range of scenarios with everyone mucking in. It provided a great insight into the things that can potentially go wrong in a challenging coastal environment. I learnt an enormous amount about controlling situations and preventing them from getting worse, as we all know when things go tits up they go big time and knowing how to avoid that is essential. It was a demanding day on the sea but also amazing fun. All finished off with a pint of guiness…gert lush.” – Neil Buckland