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Time for a new expedition?

This is the biggest mental and physical challenge you will have faced; a chance to Kayak across the Irish Sea! Not known for its temperate, calm nature the Irish Sea will provide an exhilarating competitor against your strength and will power.

You may have completed a marathon (everyone seems to nowadays), a triathlon or even completed Ironman Wales but this is an exclusive examination of your character and physical prowess. There is no chance to give up or get off in the middle of this challenge, instead you will have no choice but to continue to the end.

Turn your competitive nature to good use and earn the ultimate bragging rights as you will not only complete an endurance test available to only a handful of people but you will also be raising money for a great cause at the same time.  You will be raising money for a charity of your choice.

Your adventure begins with a ten day qualification process where you will learn the skills required for the challenge;

  • Efficient maneuvering
  • Rescues and Safety
  • Forward Paddling
  • Journeying
  • Open water crossings
  • Navigation

Once you have “earned your t-shirt” you will attend 2 training days per month until the crossing which will happen between 1st May and 31st August.

In the event that the weather in 2015 doesn’t allow for an Irish Sea crossing then you will paddle the entire 186 mile Pembrokeshire Coast during September in under 15 hours.

Of course if you are not up for the challenge I quite understand but if you are then get in touch via the form below.