As it’s your first time in a sea kayak we’ll find you the calmest water we can so that you can learn how your body, boat and blade interact to create the movements you desire from your craft, without you having to worry about wind, waves and tides just yet.

To embark on this new pastime you’ll be needing practical skills such as;

  • Forward and Backward Paddling
  • Turning
  • Steering
  • Moving Sideways
  • Balancing and Bracing to prevent capsizing

On the second day you will embark on a short sea kayak journey into the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.  We know the park like the back of our hand and will ensure that your trip is nice and easy, allowing you practice the skills you learned on day one.  If you are up for getting wet, you can finish by rescuing another kayaker and be rescued yourself, meaning that by the end of this course you will have a good grounding in the fundamental skills for sea kayaking, skills which you will develop on further courses.