Needle Rock, Fishguard Bay

There are lots of rocks around the coastline of the Uk to take the name of Needle Rock. One of the most impressive is certainly Needle Rock in Fishguard Bay, complete with an eye that you paddle through.

Over 50m high, Needle Rock is Within reach of a beginner in a sea kayak, your first view of Needle Rock will likely be through the arch you paddle through 50m before. Like much of North-East Pembrokeshire, the rock itself is from the Ordovician period; marine sedimentary rocks and products of underwater eruptions.

On December 3rd 1920 the Hermina, a 3 masted Schooner registered in Rotterdam was sheltering from storms in Fishguard Bay when it started to drag it’s anchors. The ship was broken up when it hit Needle Rock and signs of it can be seen the emerald green waters at low tide.

In the spring and early summer Guillemots, Razorbills and Fulmars nest on the rocky cliff ledges here. Gulls and Cormorants also choose this area for their young while Peregrines Falcons often pass through looking for food to feed their young. The area has been identified by the Pembrokeshire National Coast Park Authority as an important site for these nesting birds so take care to keep the noise down and not disturb them when you visit.

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