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Pembrokeshire is home to one of the largest breeding Atlantic Seal colonies in the world and every Autumn the secluded beaches are full of seal pups.  When they are born they have a white fur and over the next 3-4 weeks they will treble in size from the 80% fat milk they get from their mothers.  During this time the cow will not feed herself and her own weight will halve.  After 4 weeks the seal pup is ready to fend for itself and will have malted its pup fur and the mother will leave it.  She is now ready for breeding again so the bull seals, which have been fending off competition for territory, will mate with many cows.  Although they will then mate the cow can delay the fertilisation for up to 3 months!

It’s a fantastic time to come to come sea kayaking in Pembrokeshire, the water is at the warmest it will reach over the year and the sea kayaks allow you to travel to destinations only reachable by these sleek and unobtrusive craft.  The seals will not be bothered by your presence and may even follow you for miles.  You will be able to observe the seals and pups up close. The young seals when they take to the water are very inquisitive and will often come right up to nibble your sea kayak.  They remind me of my chocolate Labrador when she was a puppy, the personalities are very similar!

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Come and spend time relaxing and watching the Atlantic Grey seals and their pups in their unique natural habitat this Autumn.

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