1. Starting in 2005, Mayberry Kayaking were the first company in Pembrokeshire to specialise in only sea kayaking.

2. Mike Mayberry is the only person in Pembrokeshire to have paddled to every part of the county. (The Smalls Lighthouse)

3. Mayberry Kayaking is an accredited Wildlife Safe Operator ensuring that the local wildlife remain undisturbed in their home.

4. Mayberry Kayaking are signed up the Pembrokeshire Marine Code and are members of the Outdoor Charter Group.

5. Closed cockpit kayaks are much warmer and you stay drier than with open sit on tops.

6. A sea kayak is an ocean going vessel whereas sit on tops and shorter kayaks used by other providers are designed for something else.

7. Mayberry Kayaking are the only company in Pembrokeshire (and indeed West Wales) with double sea kayaks.

8. Mayberry Kayaking take you sea kayaking along the coast and don’t keep you within the confines of the harbour.

9. You get nearer to three hours on the water with a Mayberry kayaking half day tour as opposed to two hours with other providers.

10. Our guides are very knowledgeable on all things sea kayaking; they can tell you about the geology and the wildlife as well as the history of Pembrokeshire.