To navigate your way through the many tide races around our coastline, you will need to understand how the tides work in areas that seem to defy the usual rules.  You’ll need skills like breaking in and out of the flow, you’ll need to be able to ferry glide and surf waves that form over reefs.

On  18th and 19th January Mike Mayberry will provide you with all of these skills and more, enabling you to explore more of our coastline in the future.

To reserve a place call 01348 874699 or fill in the form below (in the footer) to request a call back.

“I’ve done several courses with Mike. The first was incident management, a good way to ensure you are prepared for the worst if it should ever happen… Both of the others were rough water / tide race days. Why? The answers easy – the Bitches! An opportunity to play and explore skills in one of the world’s most famous tide races. And to develop the needed rescue techniques for future visits (need more of that next time Mike!). Just make sure you are prepared to get wet!! Brilliant fun!” – Tavi Murray